origami qoo


Materials and Tools for origami tutorial:

rectangular origami or rectangular card

is difficult to easily:


Which children learn origami:

suitable for children aged 4-7, kindergarten Dabao or primary school students

A frog with a card, frog origami is a simple tutorial method tutorial step Daquan tutorial:

image.png When the card is folded, you will need a size of the card. Hard card. More ordinary playing cards are better, but I use a terrible scientific factor card. Metcards (Australian public transport ticket) is also very effective. First, it is folded from one angle to form a trapezoidal shape. Open it and back up the other side. You should end with the \”X\” cross. In the place encounter in \”X\”, the card level is folded backwards. Now, you should have a horizontal crease in \”X\”


. image.png Making Frog Leg

This is difficult to describe, so if you are not sure, look at the picture, get the part of the horizontal crease, then fold them inward The five-sided shape having a triangular flap is made. As shown in the figure, the side of the stopper is folded to form a square /

diamond shaped with two thin triangular baffles . These are the front leg of the frog image.png to make the frog that can bounce, after making the hind leg, please fold the side to the side, form an elongated, front leg at the top. Then, the elongated bottom is then folded up, and the front leg is covered, stops when there is a corner of the front leg. Then return the flaps back and see \”Z\” from the side. Do not use too much force, otherwise the stretch is insufficient

To jump up, press back (do not press force, otherwise it will be bending too much) to make the rear legs. Slide the finger quickly, the frog should be skipped and low or high high, but you can’t overwrite any distance. have fun!

A frog with card, frog origami, simple tutorial video tutorial image.png If you are not very familiar with this origami tutorial, you can look at the following video tutorial step by step to learn, or church children. Origami is a good parent-child game!