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Materials and Tools for origami tutorial:

a rectangular beautiful paper, can be beautiful

difficult degree:


Which children learn origami:

primary and secondary school students

heart Pastel, origami heart tutorial, can do cards, however, the tutorial step, the tutorial step, the tutorial tutorial:

This is the finished product, is it very beautiful image.png

Step 1: Find one Square paper

You can use newspaper printing, magazine printing, waste book paper, and even waste paper. Just make sure it is a square. No matter what size is used, if it is used for the first time, I recommend using larger paper so that you can practice.


Step 3: Fold the bottom to intermediate crease

[ 123] image.png


step 5: Turning + folding into intermediate crease again


Step 6: Above the upper corner into intermediate crease


Step 7: The top corner is folded into the top of the triangular pocket

This section will be very embarrassing, but once the top corner is folded into the bottom triangular bag, it can be downward. The triangles in the folding are enabled


Dirty flat (shown in the white * shown in the figure) image.png

Step 8: Fold the top corner to create a heart


Step 9: Folding the desired shape of the top of the heart image.png

Step 10: Complete careful heart is successfully folded [ 123]

Heart shaped origami origami heart tutorial can do cards Oh video tutorial

If you are not very familiar with this origami tutorial, you can watch the following video tutorial step by step operation easy Learn, or church children. Origami is a good parent-child game!