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Materials and Tools for origami tutorials:

Paper coins (RMB, USD or others),

Easy to degree:


Which children learn origami:

2 The children above

How to use the coin origami heart pattern method Tutorial steps in the tutorial steps:

This is the finished product image.png

Step 1:

Folding banknotes along the fracture to leave a beautiful strong trace.

Step 2:

By folding the two edges to the middle crease, the dollar is folded into a quarter. Corrus.

Step III: image.png

and the inverted right edges are folded so as to intersect the central fold.


image.png step 5:

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Lower only the bottom edge of this side and folds it to meet the top crease. image.png Step 6:

When holding the bottom edge, fold the two edges into two triangles.


take the bottom edge in the center separation line, and discharge the paper into the side triangle .

Step 8:


Crumpled all edges to avoid crunch. This completes the


origami tutorial.

How to use the coin origami heart pattern video tutorial

If you are not very familiar with this origami tutorial, you can watch the following video tutorial step by step to learn, or church children. Origami is a good parent-child game! image.png