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Material and Tools for origami tutorial:

a square origami, color pen / crayon (optional)

Easy to degree:

Simple origami

Which children have origami:

suitable for 3 -6-year-old kindergarten children, kindergarten big small class

Simple and beautiful watermelon origami diagram method tutorial steps big full map tutorial:

Step 1: Select a red square paper to fold, and will be symmetrical Folding

image.png Step 2: Fold the remaining two sides

image.png Step 3: Complete the second step Origami flip, as shown in the figure, six angles

Fourth step: After completion, the intermediate line is folded image.png

[123 Step 5: After the discount, you can see the shaped shaft


Sixth: Watermelon seeds with crayons or colored brushes


[ 123] The seventh step is applied to the green and other watermelon skin along the folding side, and can complete a watermelon origami.

image.png Simple and beautiful watermelon origami diagram video tutorial

If you are not very familiar with this origami tutorial, you can watch the following video tutorial step by step Operation is easy to learn, or church children. Origami is a good parent-child game!