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Materials and Tools for origami tutorial:

a rectangular origami, a pen

Easy to degree:


Which children learn origami:

primary school students, junior high school students and above Foldable

Manual DIY makes a love origami method tutorial step Daquan pattern tutorial:

image.png Ninety-degree folded paper

Folded right side in right angles. Get the crease.

Then in the left

image.png step 2:

, the intermediate of the paper is folded like a accordion or sandwich. All press.

Step 3:

image.png Move each angle on each side to the intermediate angle.

Step 4:

Turning the paper and folds the upper corner down.


Step 5: Fold left and right


Folded bottom. The bottom of the paper should be folded upward to contact the bottom of the lower corner.


Step 7:

Fold it in the lower left corner and the lower right corner, and plug it into The lower corner.

Step 8: Filter the highest points image.png

fold the top into an angle. Be sure to match the angle to make the top of


are equal. Put them into the lower corner. Once finished, it will be completed! Heart pen complete!

Manual DIY makes love origami video tutorial

If you are not very familiar with this origami tutorial, you can watch the following video tutorial step by step to learn, or church children. Origami is a good parent-child game!