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Materials and Tools for origami tutorial:

a square origami, color pen / crayon (optional)

Easy to degree:

Simple origami

Which children learn origami:

suitable for 3 -6-year-old kindergarten children, kindergarten big small and medium class

House origami diagram tutorial tutorial step Daquan tutorial:

First step: prepare a square origami, folded mark on both sides

[123 ] image.png

Step 2: Select one side to fold

Third step image.png: Intermediate transfection

fourth step : folding on both sides (Dark blue is a child’s own folded) image.png

Five steps : Four two angles


: Out of the fifth step

[123 image.png

Seventh step : Opened along the crease


Eight step eight steps

: The crease is flat, a small house is done


Ninth Step: Press the other side along the fold, two paper houses image.png

[123 ] Chapter 10: Want to be more beautiful, you can decorate the paper house with the color pen / crayon

House origami diagram tutorial video tutorial If you are not very familiar with this origami tutorial, you can look at the following video tutorial step by step to learn easily, or church children.Origami is a good parent-child game!image.png