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Materials and Tools for origami tutorials:

Two rectangular paper, or US dollar

is difficult to easily:


Which children learn origami:

junior high school students or adults

Double love origami tutorial, two-fold paper heart graphic method tutorial step Daquan tutorial:

This is the finished product image.png

Step 1: image.png

First, first use a clear dollar banknote.

Fold the banknote by half the width.

Then I wisely fold the banknote.

Step 2:

image.png Holds one side (in this case), then in the middle

heart [123 ]fold.

Now in the front view, fold the bottom to the center of the banknotes.

Repeat the top of the bill.

Step 3:

Once the initial crease and crease are completed, the heart is shaped now.

image.png Blood wrinkles on the bottom of the bill.

Repeat the upper corner.

Lift this baffle and folds it into the internal corner and flattened your crease.

In this way, an additional flap should be generated. Put the flaps in your direction.

Repeat the top.

Step 4:

Rotate the project 180 degrees and repeat the tutorial on the other side by simultaneously folding the top and bottom corners. (Note: Used the previous image. I forgot to include the image. The same tutorial, but different aspects.)

Once you have completed the shaping on both sides, there should be two pentagons, they see It looks like a home base in the baseball field.

Next, pinch the center and fold it, then the one side is flat. image.png

Repeat the other side.

Step 5:

If you are getting lost, please rest assured that we will gradually play the video. Please transfer attention to the rear of the item.

When the rear of the item, the upper left corner and the upper right corner are crumpled.

After the folding angle, please see top view. It has three layers, for this instructable, from the illustration, I will use # 1, # 2, and # 3 in the top (# 1), the middle (# 2), and bottom (# 3).

Take the # 3 floor and fold it down and slut. image.png After the necessary fold, swing left and right.

View again, it has two layers (# 1 and # 2). Since we swallow, # 1 layer is now the bottom.

Reflee the corner again, then fold down the first layer and flatten the corner.

After completing these steps, flip it to the front, and now you should see all four corners are folded neatly.

From the top, only the second layer remains. Look at the small pocket between the middle layer and the underlying.

Take the intermediate layer and insert it into a small pocket.

Remaining the remaining corner.

You should now have 4 points. Flip the project and fold all 4 points down.

Step 6:

The heart has been completed, but the distance is far. This is the step of making them closer:

Grab the thinner heart (you can distinguish between differences) and fold it backward.

The thinner heart is placed in the center, and it is folded forward to form a Z-shaped fold. Note: You can choose to bend and rotate the heart. The two hearts do not have to be aligned with each other.

Your final product should be a butchist heart.

image.png Double Love Origami Tutorial, Biurn Paper Heart Graphic Video Tutorial

If you are not very familiar with this origami tutorial, you can watch the following video tutorial step by step to learn, or church child. Origami is a good parent-child game!